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Medicago sativa (alfalfa)


Medicago sativa, commonly called alfalfa, is a forage crop legume. It is a member of the Trifolieae tribe, and a close relative of the reference legume Medicago truncatula

Of Special Interest

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NCBI taxon3879
GRIN taxon23676
Pollination typeInsect

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Genome Summary

Cultivated Medicago sativa L. (alfalfa) is a tetraploid species (Bauchan and Hossain, 2001). The species is considered a complex due to its broad diversity and wide distribution of germplasm sources (Bauchan and Hossain, 2001), the existence of both diploid and tetraploid races, and the several partially interfertile species or subspecies: M. sativa subsp. caerulea, M. sativa subsp. falcata, and M. sativa subsp. hemicycla (Skiroglu, Doyle, Brummer, 2010).

Chromosomes2n = 4x = 32
Genome size800-900 (Mbp)


Reference Data

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Selected References

Current publications on Medicago sativa at PubMed.

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